E t h e r m o r e

15,000 unique heroes.
DAO based RPG Ethermore An emerging fantasy world built on community and blockchain.

What is Ethermore?

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A collection of unique NFT characters that are your passport to participate in the evolving world and lore of a fantasy metaverse.

arrives as a drop of 15,000 NFTs, each a unique procedurally generated fantasy character on the Ethereum blockchain. Each character is a token of entry
to the community and world of Ethermore.

Heroes’ stories, quests and world-building events will evolve off-chain in community discussion, before returning on-chain as Ethermore lore as voted by the community in a DAO based RPG, where decisions have consequences in the world.

It is a communal creative project to build a fantasy world on the Ethereum blockchain.


The core narrative arc and quests will dynamically respond to community and character choices in the world. Group or community decisions will be resolved in the DAO.

The Characters

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Each character is procedurally generated and unique. There are rarer traits within the population broken down by fantasy race, class, background, and artifacts.

Each character will appeal differently to each collector. Value to the owner will be determined by aesthetics, specific desirable traits, or implicit rarity.

There are hidden quests, lore, and adventure hooks among the characters to seed world-building.


Varieties of possible fantasy races


Different classes of hero


Possible item artifacts (ranging from common to extremely rare)


Possible character backgrounds

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Pixels X Bold Colors X Gradients X Procedural Generation

The Art and value

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Pixel art culture is the juncture between two eras: retro gaming origins and the beginning of a cypherpunk digital blockchain revolution.

The philosophy of both movements exploring what is possible on the frontier in new digital worlds. For many of us, pixel art is simple nostalgia and imaginary worlds.

“Truth is a matter of the imagination.” ― Ursula K. Le Guin

The value of art, money, NFTs or fantasy worlds for that matter, is whatever our collective imagination wants it to be.

What makes Ethermore unique?

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The first evolving fantasy world on the blockchain with full ownership of unique procedurally generated characters, holding implicit and explicit rarity

Future contributions and decisions about the on-chain lore and directions of Ethermore as a fantasy world and community worth exploring

Competitions and quests involving the NFT characters
Utilizing your character token in voting
Airdrops to reward creation and community participation

How to get involved

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Follow Twitter for updates and occasional character visuals

Get your Metamask sorted with ETH tokens to get ready for the drop.